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Anuvrat ONGC Canal

  • Client: Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Category: Construction
  • Status: Completad

Anuvrat – ONGC Canal


Construction of RCC precast/cast in site box and ancillary work related to it in the canal from anuvratdawar junction to ONGC junction (Nr.TGB hotel)via Bharthana junction (Around 6.25 km length)

Undertaking a crucial infrastructure initiative, the construction of RCC precast and cast-in-site box structures, alongside associated ancillary works, along the canal route from Anuvratdawar Junction to ONGC Junction (near TGB Hotel) via Bharthana Junction spans approximately 6.25 kilometers. This project is poised to significantly enhance the functionality and resilience of the canal network, bolstering its capacity to efficiently manage water flow and irrigation needs in the region. With a meticulous focus on both precast and cast-in-site construction techniques, the endeavor promises to deliver durable and high-quality structures that seamlessly integrate into the surrounding landscape. By leveraging advanced engineering methodologies and adhering to rigorous quality standards, this initiative embodies a commitment to sustainable infrastructure development and the welfare of local communities.





  • Contract Under: Unique Construction.
  • Client: Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Tender Amount: Rs. 45,00,00,000.00